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Theory of Abiogenesis and Biogenesis

The Debate over Spontaneous Generation after Van Leeuwenhoek discovered the previously “invisible” world of microorganisms, the scientific community of the time became interested in the origins of these tiny living things. Until the second half of the nineteenth century, many scientists and philosophers believed that some forms of life could …

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Sphaerocarpales: The Engaging Bottle Liverworts

Bryophyte, traditional name for any non-vascular seedless plant. They are the nearest existing relative of early terrestrial plants. They can be found in all ecosystems of earth. Bryophytes are an unceremonious group consisting of three divisions the  liverworts, hornworts  and mosses . Here we will discuss about Sphaerocarpales, which is …

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Auxin: The First Major Phytohormone to be Discovered

Growth: A process in which there is a change in the form and increase in size and weight by means of cell division, cell enlargement and cell differentiation. Development: A process in which growth, differentiation of organ, maturation and senescence take place in a regular sequence in the life history …

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