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Synthetic Theory of Evolution

The synthetic theory of evolution describes the evolution in terms of genetic variations in a population that leads to the formation of a new species. It explains the contribution of factors such as genetic variations, reproductive and geographical isolation, and natural selection. It is a modern concept that emerged from …

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Diversity in Living Organisms: Five Kingdom Classification

Our living planet has a huge number of living organisms. We can’t know each of them properly without a proper format that going to direct us to know this variety and richness of organisms. That’s why we were introduce with a new term-CLASSIFICATION! What is Classification? The system of assembling …

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Carbohydrate: An Introduction to Carbs

Any of numerous substances that are produced by cells and living organisms are called Biomolecule or biological molecule. Biomolecules have a wide range of sizes and structures to perform a vast array of functions. There are four major types of biomolecules, they are- carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins. Carbohydrates …

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