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Organization & Structure of Genome: Genome Size


The sum of all genetic material of an organism including coding regions, non-coding regions, chloroplast DNA, mitochondrial DNA is called the genome of that particular organism. The study of the structure and function of the genome of an organism is called Genomics. Generally, it can be of three types. Functional …

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Soil Environment

Soil is defined differently by soil scientists, and its definition has changed overtime. Since the year 1800, there have been more than 80 different definitions of soil available in literature. Generally, soil can be defined as the organic and inorganic materials on the surface of the earth that provide the …

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Water Resources

Water: Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constitute of Earth’s streams, lakes, oceans and the fluids of most living organisms. Resource: A resource is any physical material constituting part of Earth that people need and have value. Natural materials become resource when humans …

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