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History of Botanical Exploration: Indian Subcontinent (Part 1)

It’s always helpful and extra-beneficial to check the background or history before learning a new subject matter. Why? Because this enrich us with some fundamental concepts behind the topic and enable us to understand how versatile ideas bloom and differentiate to shape a new body of knowledge. Isn’t that interesting!!! …

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Comparison of Two Means: Student’s t-test

    From the previous  topic, we learned about test of significance, a procedure for comparing observed data with a claim or hypothesis or predicted data. This test of significant is used to test e claim about an unknown population and for testing the research hypothesis against the H0. Null …

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Cell wall: Origin and Growth

The cell wall is structurally and chemically different from the protoplasm. The growth in thickness of walls is evident in both primary and secondary walls. The initiation of the cell wall and how it grows is being studied here. Origin of the Cell wall The wall formation is first evident …

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