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Soil Forming Processes

The soil-forming is a complex process along with a lot of factors and processing ways. It takes a long period of time to develop even an inch of soil. In this article, the basic processes of soil formation are discussed briefly. Related article– Soil Forming Factors Soil Forming processes There …

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Equisetum: The Scouring Rushes

Equisetum: The Scouring Rushes Equisetum commonly known as ‘Horsetails’ or ‘Scouring rushes’. It comprises about 25 species and is worldwide in distribution. Except This genus in vascular plants, there is no living genus in Equisetaceae family that reproduces by spores rather than seeds. Taxonomic position: Division: Sphenophyta Class: Sphenopsida Order: …

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Types & Procedures of Selection Process (Part-2)

Plant breeding is defined as identifying and selecting desirable traits in plants and combining this into one individual plant. Since 1900, Mendel’s laws of genetics provided the scientific basis for plant breeding. Selection is the most ancient and basic procedure in plant breeding. Selection procedures used in plant breeding have …

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