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Soils of Bangladesh: Formation and Tracts

Because of being an ‘agricultural country’, soil has always been a matter of concern in Bangladesh. Despite being a small country, soils of Bangladesh shows huge varieties. There are many recognized and unrecognized causes of such varieties. Normally, due to a diverse nature of physiographic condition, land type, parent materials …

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Bark and Lenticel: A Brief Discussion

The bark is the outermost covering of stems and roots of woody plants (especially trees) and is composed of periderm, cortex, and phloem. A lenticel is a porous tissue consisting of cells with large intercellular spaces in the periderm of the secondarily thickened organs and the bark of woody stems and roots …

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Bacterial Habitats & Importance

Bacteria (singular: bacterium) are microscopic unicellular organisms that thrive in a variety of environments. These organisms can live in the soil, in the ocean and in the human gut. This organisms are available almost everywhere on our earth and are important to the planet’s ecosystems. Some species can live under …

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