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Classification Of Land

Classification of Global climate The earth can be divided into the following broad climatic zones: Polar and subpolar zone Temperate zone Subtropical zone Tropical zone According to Koppen-Geiger classification, global climate can be divided into the following 6 types: Type A: Equatorial Type B: Arid Type C: Temperate Type D: Cold …

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Phytogeography: Causes And Regions Of The World

Definition  Phytogeography is the study of distribution of plant species and elucidation of origin of flora. The relative position of the 6 continental land masses and large number of islands play an important role in the distribution of various types of plants over the surface of the earth.   Factors …

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Water Budget

Components of Water Budget The water budget of a unit area of the earth’s surface is formed from the components: P = precipitation E = Evaporation D = Discharge, Runoff R = Reserve, storage and U = Use, consumption The conservation law for water satisfies the water balance. P = …

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