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Biogeochemical Cycle ( Part- 2)

[Click here to read ‘Bichemical Cycle (part- 1 )’ ] Threats to the Carbon Cycle Decline in forest growth. Killing of ocean phytoplankton due to rising sea temperatures. Death of forests due to spread of disease and insects. Melting permafrost layer (In geology, permafrost or permafrost soil is soil at or …

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Biogeochemical Cycles (part- 1)

Definition A biogeochemical cycle or nutrient cycle is a pathway by which a chemical element or molecule moves through both biotic (biosphere) and abiotic ( lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere ) compartments  of  Earth. ★Nutrient cycle involves 2 general phases- The environmental phase – in which the chemical nutrient is present in …

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Ecology: Definition, Subdivisions & Scopes

Ecology is the scientific study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms. It is the total relationships of animals to both its organic and inorganic environment’. It can be said that there is very little that is not ecology. In this article, the Definition,  Subdivision, and …

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