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Adaptation Of Plants

Do you ever notice any cacti in a normal field or pond? Or ever seen any Mango, Jackfruit, or other fruiting trees in the seashore? It’s not to happen. And here comes the fact of adaptation of plants in different habitats. Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or …

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Halophytes: Adaptation in Saline Environment

Plants that survive in the saline condition are known as halophytes. Since halophytes can not easily absorb water, they develop almost all important xerophytic devices for optimum use of water. Habit Majority of halophytes in the tropical and subtropical regions are shrubs (dome-shaped), but a few of them are herbaceous …

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Ecosystem components, Biome & Food Chain

Definition An ecosystem is a structural and functional unit of the nature where there functional unit of the nature is interactions between living organisms and nonliving components and that living components determine the flow of energy and nutrients.e.g. pond ecosystem, forest ecosystem etc. Ecosystem performs 2 major functions : flow …

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