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Red Sea: A Wonder of Nature

Is really red Colored sea exist? Where it is? Yes, the Red sea exists and it is one of the wonders of nature. The color of the sea is actually an intense turquoise. It is situated in between Africa and Asia and is a salt intel of the Indian Ocean. …

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Dendrochronology: An Age Teller of Trees

“Dendrochonology”- a word derived from three ancient Greek words, which are: dendron,khronos and logia,stands for the science of calculating a tree’s age by it’s rings.The three Greek words :dendron,khronos and logia stands respectively for ‘tree’,’time’ and ‘the study of’. Short history of Dendrochronology: Greek botanist Theophrastus first mentioned that the …

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Bioluminescence: The Secret of Glow in The Dark Sea

It’s dark all around and you are walking by the sea with a sparkling blue wave touching your feet .isn’t it so much mesmeric ? As much The moment  is fascinating ,the reason behind this beautiful glow is much more overwhelming. This is a beautiful natural phenomenon caused by life …

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