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River Ecosystem in Bangladesh: Bangshai River (PART 1)

Do you know what an ecosystem actually is! What is it’s types, components, threats towards it! In this article we are about to discuss all this stuffs. An ecosystem is a community where living and nonliving material become mix-up. It can be a Geographical area where plants, animals and other …

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Golgi Apparatus: The Traffic Police of Cell

Golgi Apparatus

Golgi apparatus is ubiquitous in cells. They are found in living cells of both animals and plants and are a dynamic structure. In animals, Golgi bodies usually appear morphologically as a cluster in one part of the cell and are interconnected with one another through tubules like a fibrous network. …

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Mutation Breeding: Definition, History & Types

If you are a fan of Marvel comics, you have almost certainly seen the movie X-Men. Humans with superpower abilities called “mutants”, appear in this film. While human mutants with superpowers are only seen in movies, in real life mutation in humans results in mere abnormalities. For instance, having six …

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