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Financial Analysis for Studying in USA

This informative post is collected from the group named: NextTop-USA (Higher study in USA) Original Post Writer: Jawad Siddique Efaz  Dear higher study aspirant, Hope you guys are staying safe and healthy and preparing to catch the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 term. I am living in the USA for …

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Meristematic Classification & Theory

Meristematic tissue is the plant tissue that has the ability to divide actively throughout its life. It consists of undifferentiated cells capable of cell division. Apical Meristamatic tissue is one kind of meristem  which stays at the tip of a plant shoot or root  and causes the shoot or root to …

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Types of Biodiversity

There are three main components/types of biodiversity:  (1) genetic. (2)organismal/taxonomic. (3) ecological. (1) genetic & sub-cellular: Biodiversity  expressed within  individual cells and non-cellular organisms (e.g., viruses) – diversity of genetic information central to this category but variety of metabolic pathways & molecular biology of life also important. (2) taxonomic diversity: …

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