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Soil Organic Matters

Do you have ever seen any plant or animal decaying/decomposing at the soil surface? Have a look at the picture below: In the picture, leaves from plants are falling down and decomposed at the soil. These leaves are called organic matter. Get Free Netflix Now Best safe and secure cloud …

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Soil-Forming Factors

With the upward and advancement of human civilization,  people gradually discovered co-relations and importance of various materials of environment.  To have much more control, flexibility and also from the inborn curiosity, scientists work/ed years after years to find out the relationship among the materials  of environment.  In such a way, …

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Synthetic Theory of Evolution

The synthetic theory of evolution describes the evolution in terms of genetic variations in a population that leads to the formation of a new species. It explains the contribution of factors such as genetic variations, reproductive and geographical isolation, and natural selection. It is a modern concept that emerged from …

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