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Cytoplasmic Inheritance: Transfer of Genetic Characters by Means of Autonomous Organelles

The genes of nuclear chromosome have a significant and key role in the inheritance of almost all traits from generations to generations,but altogether they cannot be considered as the sole vehicle of inheritance because certain experimental evidences suggest the occurance of certain extranuclear genes or DNA molecules in the cytoplasm …

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Plant Introduction and Acclimatization: Easiest Method of Crop Improvement

Table of Content SL. No. Topic Name 01  Definition and types 02 Acclimatization 03 Purposes Definition & Types “Plant introduction and acclimatization” is the easiest and most rapid method of crop improvement in which the acclimatization follows the introduction and both the processes go side by side. Plant Introduction consists …

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Introduction to & Basic Concepts of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding started with sedentary agriculture, particularly the domestication of the first agricultural plants, a practice which is estimated to date back 9,000 to 11,000 years. Initially, early human farmers selected food plants with particular desirable characteristics and used these as a seed source for subsequent generations, resulting in an …

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Biodiversity Loss & Conservation : Conservation and its Types

Conservation Global acceptance – that conservation of Biodiversity is essential; so, many countries and world organizations are active with definite agenda for conservation What is conservation? “Conservation is the management of human use of the biosphere to yield greatest sustainable benefit to current generations, while maintaining its potential to meet …

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Biodiversity loss and Conservation : Causes of Extinction

  Biodiversity loss and Conservation Extinction is the evolutionary equivalent of the proverbial adage that “death and taxes are inevitable.” Evolutionary biologists are certain that, just as every person will eventually pass away, every species will eventually go extinct. In reality, according to the fossil record, 99.9% of all species …

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CRISPR Cas9: Plant Breeding is now at the Speed of Light

Introduction Plant breeding has been practised for thousands of years, since the rudiments of human civilization. It is now discussed worldwide by government institutions. Plant breeding is the purposeful manipulation of plant science in order to create desired genotypes and phenotypes for quest. This manipulation involves either controlled pollination, genetic …

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