Rickettsia: The Disease Causing Bacteria (Part-1)

‘Rickettsia’ is a genus of non-motile, gram-negative, non spore-forming, highly pleomorphic bacteria that may occur in the forms of cocci, rods, or threads. The term ‘rickettsia’ has nothing to do with ‘rickets’, which is a deficiency disease resulting from lack of vitamin D; the bacterial genus ‘Rickettsia’ was named after Howard Taylor …

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Prion: The Mysterious Infectious Agent

What is prion? Prion is a term first used to describe the mysterious infectious agent responsible for several neurodegenerative diseases found in mammals,including Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases(CDJ) in humans. The word itself derives from ‘proteinaceous infectious particle’; It refers to the initially heretical hypothesis is that the infectious agent causing those diseases …

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