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DNA Reassociation Kinetics & Sequence Complexity

When double-stranded DNA in solution is heated, it denatures (‘melts’) releasing the complementary single strands. If the solution is cooled quickly the DNA remains in a single-stranded state. However, if the solution is cooled slowly reassociation/reannealing i. e. spontaneous realignment of two single DNA strands to re-form a DNA double …

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Halophytes: Salient Features, Adaptations & Classification


Plants which grow and complete their life cycle in habitats with a high salt content are called salt plants or halophytes. Usually that term is reserved only for plants which appear in salty habitats constantly and specifically. Plants occupying only local nonsalty ecological niches in an overall saline environment, or …

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Salinity: Sources, Cycles & Classification

Salt mines

Over four-fifths of the surface of our planet is covered with a salt solution (oceans & seas) containing, among many other constituents, approximately 0.5M NaCl. Still, only very few groups of higher plants can withstand such conditions. Most terrestrial species are unable to tolerate even one-tenth of the salt concentration …

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