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Terrarium: Your Very Own Ecosystem

Eccentric Terrariums

What is Terrarium? Have you ever heard of miniature but thoroughly natural garden, implanted inside a glass jar? Well, that is exactly what terrarium is- it may also be termed as a little rainforest domiciled in an enclosed jar or container made of glass. The word “Terrarium” was derived from …

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Cavitation and Embolism: Bubbles in The Stem!

Air cavity causing embolism in xylem

Water transportation seems comparatively a simple phenomenon than how plants communicate with each other or the studies regarding whether they feel any pain. Because the transportation system seems so obvious and uninteresting there has been little research on this topic and there lie many other things that are still unknown. …

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Binomial Nomenclature: Two Term Naming System

Different types pf taxa

“How strange and chaotic life it become if it were possible to abandon the use of names for the identification of everything we see, make, or handle. The acquisition and dissemination of knowledge would become impossible, and the business of the world could not go on.”-Macself in Johnson, 1971 A …

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