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Fungi: Importance in Economy


Fungi (singular: fungus) are a kingdom of generally multicellular eukaryotic creatures that are heterotrophic (cannot produce their food) and play essential roles in ecosystem nutrient cycling. Fungi are a diverse group of creatures that can be found in almost any ecological niche. Fungi number around 1.5 million species. Only roughly …

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Bandarban: Where Heaven of Nature Meets Wild Blue Yonder

To give a view of Bandarban's beauty. Clicked by author

Bangladesh is blessed with a plethora of interesting spots to visit. The country has a lot to offer for a pleasant and educational trip, from gorgeous natural areas to historical landmarks. For its daring, unusual, and scenic terrain, the most isolated and least populated Bandarban is a popular destination among …

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Bryophytes: Extensive Habitats and Distributions


Bryophytes are simple non-flowering, non-vascular land plants that reproduce through spores rather than flower or seeds. Bryophytes are often known as a junction or bridge between lower cryptogams and higher cryptogams. Since bryophytes reproduce via spores, their lightweight spores have been dispersed by the wind all over the world, in …

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