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Plant Biotechnology

What is Plant Biotechnology? Plant biotechnology can be defined as the use of tissue culture and genetic engineering techniques to produce genetically modified plants that exhibit new or improved desirable characteristics.   A Short History of Plant Biotechnology The foundations of modern plant biotechnology can be traced back to the …

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Monosaccharide : Simple Sugar

General Characteristics The simpliest of all soluble carbohydrate and are known as simple sugar. The building unit of complex carbohydrate Can’t be hydrolised Sweet testing, soluble in water, crystaline Posses a free aldehydee or ketone group General formula CnH2nOn Get Free Netflix Now Best safe and secure cloud storage with …

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Heterospory and Seed Habit

Heterospory The phenomenon of the development of two types of spores (differing in size, structure and function) by the same species is known as heterospory. The two different sizes are smaller spores also known as microspores and the larger spores¬† also known as megaspores. Rashid (1999) listed nine genera as …

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Riccia: A Common Liverwort

The simplest members of the order Marchiantales are found in the family Ricciaceae. There are roughly 140 species in the family. They fall under the Tesselina, Ricciocarpus, and Riccia genera. There are only one species each for the first two. The genus Riccia encompasses the remainder. The Italian botanist F. …

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast

Lower Fungi: Classification of Lower Fungi

Fungi are considered to be one of the most interesting sets of organisms. Some fulfills the basic necessities such as food, medicine, industrial raw materials and some succumbs the living entities to death.According to legend, three and a half millennia ago, the Greek hero Perseus accidentally assassinated his grandfather Acrisius, …

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Eccentric Terrariums

Terrarium: Your Very Own Ecosystem

What is Terrarium? Have you ever heard of miniature but thoroughly natural garden, implanted inside a glass jar? Well, that is exactly what terrarium is- it may also be termed as a little rainforest domiciled in an enclosed jar or container made of glass. The word “Terrarium” was derived from …

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