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Soil Reaction: Soil pH, Sources of H+ & OH- Ions

In soil, there may be found 3 types of reactions. They are neutral, alkaline, or acidic reactions. The measure of the chemical reaction of soil(degree of alkalinity or acidity) is expressed by its pH value. Soil pH Soil pH is the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ion (expressed …

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Soil Reaction: Importance & Factors Affecting Soil pH

Soil pH

The importance of soil pH can be classified into its direct and indirect effects on edaphology and pedology: Direct Effects 1. Toxic and destructive effect of OH– and H+ ions on root growth It is found that a destructive action on root tissues by acidity or alkalinity usually does not …

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Soil Reaction: Pools of Soil Acidity

Acidic soil

Research suggests that three major pools of acidity are common in soils: (1) active acidity due to the H+ ions in the soil solution; (2) salt-replaceable (exchangeable) acidity, involving the aluminum and hydrogen that are easily exchangeable by other cations in a simple unbuffered salt solution, such as KCI; and …

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