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Some prestigious scholarships around the world

All who dream of higher studies in abroad, mostly have a basic question. That is about scholarships. So some prestigious scholarship names are listed here. What we have to do is , select the desired country and the scholarship which is available there from below, see the application time to …

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Amino Acid and Peptides:An Inevitable Organic Compounds

Proteins are an extremely important class of macromolecule in living organisms. More than 50% of the dry mass of most cells is protein. Proteins have many important functions. Amino Acids are the building units of proteins. Proteins are polymers of amino acids linked together by what is called “Peptide bond”. …

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Financial Analysis for Studying in USA

This informative post is collected from the group named: NextTop-USA (Higher study in USA) Original Post Writer: Jawad Siddique Efaz  Dear higher study aspirant, Hope you guys are staying safe and healthy and preparing to catch the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 term. I am living in the USA for …

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