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Chernobyl, Covid-19 and Black Fungus

In the year 1986, a horrifying incident took place. It killed many instantly (who were very close to the nuclear reactor). As well as kept on affecting several many living beings including plants, wild and domestic animals. The extreme radioactive environment affected the people whoever was still living in that …

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Test of Significance

Test of Significance The mathematical methods by which the probability of relative frequency of an observed difference occurring by chance, is found, are called tests of significance. It may be a difference between means or proportions of sample and universe or between the estimates of experiment and control groups.  Thus, …

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Classification of Bacteria

We all agree that classification and taxonomy of organisms are desirable and necessary in cases of biological work. But, there is much disagreement as to the best method of classifying and naming living things. The zoologists and the botanists have arranged matters in their fields fairly satisfactorily, largely on the …

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Introduction to Marine Botany: Plankton

The word ‘plankton’ has been derived from a Gr. word ‘planktos’ means drifting. So, plankton is those microscopic aquatic organisms or drifters whose movement is mainly driven by water currents, waves, tides, etc. Plankton can be two types- zooplankton, and phytoplankton. Although, some of them might possess some kinds of …

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