Introduction to Biostatistics: Scope, Variable & Data

Objectives of this article To understand What is statistics What is biostatistics Scopes of statistics What is variable What is random variable Types of variables What is qualitative or discrete variable What is quantitative or continuous variable Practical examples of qualitative or quantitative variables Statistics Statistics is defined as a …

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Introduction to Biostatistics: Population, Sample, Random Sampling, Statistic & Parameter

Objectives of this article To understand What is population. What is sample. The differences between population and sample. What is parameter and statistic. The differences between parameter and statistic. What is sampling. What is random sampling. Importance of random sampling. The biasness in sampling. Population In statistics, a population is …

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Interactions among Microbial Populations

Organisms living together in a community influence each other directly or indirectly under natural condition. All vital process of living such as growth, nutrition, reproduction required interactions between individuals of same species, or between species which are inter- and intra-related. Such relationships of individuals in a population of an ecosystem …

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Chloroplast Evolution: Endosymbiotic Theory

Algae is a hetergenous group of organisms containing members having chlorphyll ‘a’ as their primary photosynthetic pigments. These green chlorophyll molecules along with some accessory pigments are contained generally in a membrane bound packet like structure called chloroplast within the algal body. In some members, chloroplast is absent though; such …

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