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Fungi: A Kingdom of Achlorophyllous Eukaryotes

Fungi {sing. fungus (L.) = sphongos (Gr.) – sponge} are a kingdom of usually multicellular, eucaryotic, spore-producing, achlorophyllous organisms with absorptive nutrition that generally reproduce both sexually and asexually and whose usually filamentous, branched somatic structures, known as hyphae, typically are surrounded by cell walls. Currently, over 1.5 million species …

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Importance of Fungi: Medicine, Agriculture & Industry

We usually think of fungi as organisms that cause diseases and rot food. But fungi are important to human life in many ways. The manifestations of this group of organisms have been known for thousands of years. Since the first toast was proposed over a shell full of wine and …

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Fungi: 10 Most Harmful effects of Fungi

Fungi are important to human life in many ways. In medicine they yield antibiotics, in agriculture maintain soil fertility, in regular life consumed as food, and most importantly form the basis of many industrial processes. Though fungi are essential to many household and industrial processes,  they are detrimental or harmful …

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