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Control of Microorganisms

Control of Microorganism by Heat Heat generally appears to kill micro-organisms by denaturing their enzymes: the resultant changes to the three-dimensional shapes of these proteins inactivate them. Heat resistance varies among different microbes. These differences can be expressed through the followings; Thermal death point (TDP) is the lowest temperature at …

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Growth of Bacteria

Generation Time The time required for a cell to divide or a population to divide is known as the generation time. For bacteria it is the time, required for a complete fission cycle. Generation time depends on nutrient media, pH, temperature etc. The generation time “g” can be determined from …

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Cultivation of Microorganisms: Types of Culture Medium

Solid, liquid, gel (semisolid) designed to support the growth and supply nutrients to any cell or microorganism is a culture medium. It is a special medium used in microbiological laboratories to grow different microorganisms. A microbiological culture medium must contain: Source of energy (chemicals for chemotrophs and lights for phototrophs) …

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