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Microbial Water Pollution

Water pollution is any undesirable changes in physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water that may harmfully affect the life or create a potential health hazard for living organisms. When the pollutant is undesirable microorganisms, the phenomenon is called microbial water pollution. Through ordinary exposure to air, soil and effluent …

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Basic guidelines for higher studies

The post is copied from facebook group “NexTop USA”, writer – Shamim sharif There are some basic guidelines which is important to know. Some of they are : ১. বেশিরভাগ ভার্সিটিতে টোয়েফল এর মিনিমাম স্কোর ৮০। IELTS এর মিনিমাম স্কোর ৬.৫। মনে রাখা উচিৎ, এগুলো মিনিমাম রিকুয়ার্মেন্ট। কম্পিটিটিভ ফান্ড পাওয়ার …

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The Path To Higher Studies In Canada: Part 1

Getting Opportunity to go for Higher Studies in a Canadian University is kind of a dream which is imagined by many of us. To make this dream true one has to go through a path of hard work, sincerity and patience. This post is copied and edited from a post …

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