10 most harmful effects of fungi 68-95-99.7 70S ribosome 80S ribosome abiogenesis Abiotic causes of plant disease Abnormal pollen acceleration Acclimatization achenes Achievements achivement of Bangladesh Acidophiles Actinocytic actinomycetes Actinostele action Active absorption Active acidity active immunity Adaptation Adaptive research trial advantages Advocacy aerobic respiration Aeromicrobiology Aerophyte agar Agaricales agar medium age of bacteria Age of earth Aggregate aggregate fruit Agricultural microbiology Agrobacterium Agronomic trial A Horizon Soil air air bubbles Air plants Alcohol alcoholic beverages Algae algae as biofuel Algal classification Algal Culture Algal origin Algal Toxin alismatidae Alkaliphiles Alkaloids Allopolyploid alpha ray Alternating temperatures alternative hypothesis Altruism Amazon Amici Amino Acid Ammonification Amphiphloic Amphoteric Anacardiaceae Anaerobic culture anaerobic respiration analysis of variance anaphase Anaphase 1 Anaphase 2 Anatomy Angelina Hesse angiosperm Angiosperms Angisoperm Animal Diversity Animalia Animal Sanctuar Anisocytic Anomalous secondary growth Anomocytic ANOVA anther abortion Antheridium Anthesine Anti-diabetic drug Antimicrobial substances antithallic theory APA Citation style guide Apical Cell Theory Apical Meristem Apocynacea Apogamy Apomixis Apoplastic pathway Apospory Apparatus application Application pool Applied aspects Apposition Appressorium April arabinose Archaea Archegonium Arctic arecidae armen Arsenic contamination Art Arthrospore Arthur cronquist Articulate latex Artificial mutation Ascent of sap Ascomycetes Ascomycota Aseptic handling Asexual reproduction Asia Aspergilli Asteraceae asteridae astronauts asymmetrical Athletes foot Atmosphere ATP ATP synthase Attol August Autecology author citation Autoclaving Auxins average avirulent Aziz Bacteria Bacterial sample Bacterial transformation Balance Bangladesh Bangladesh National Herbarium Bangshai River Ecosystem bar Bark Barriar reef barriers Barringtonia acutangula Bases Basic concepts of plant disease Basic terms used in genetics. Basidiomycetes Basidiomycota BAT batch culture batoids beer behavioral manipulation Benefits of fungi Bengal Plants berries berry beta galactosidase beta ray B Horizon Soil biasness binary fission binding change mechanism binomial nomenclature Biochemistry Biochemisty Biodiversity biodiversity creation Biodiversity potential Biodiversity through time biofuel biogenesis Biogenesis of ER Biogeograph bioinformatician bioinformatics Biology Biome biometry Biosphere biostatistics Biotic causes of plant disease Bisexual flower black black fungus Black wart disease Blanching Blood agar blue bogs Bohlin's hypothesis Boiling Bold & Wynne bold and wynne Bombax ceiba Boodle's theory Bordered pit Border Sequence Boreal Forest Boreal kingdom botanical terms Bottle liverworts Bower and Zimmerman's hypothesis Branch Gap Branch Trace Breeder seed breeding Breeding technology brown algae bryophyta Bryophytes Bryophytic origin buffer C.B. Clarke C3 cycle C4 cycle Caffeine Calamitales Calamophyta Calamopsida callus callus culture Calvin cycle CAM Cambium Cambium ring Campbell's hypothesis Camponotus atriceps Canada canary grass Canned Canning Canopy can plants see can plants see us can plants see you capsid Carbohydrate carbohydrates Carbon cylcle carboxylic acids Career caryophyllidae catalyze Causes of plant disease cavitation Cell cell biology cell concept cell cycle cell division Cell Envelop cell theory cellular cellular totipotency Cellulos cellulose Cellulose Acetate cell wall Cenospecies Center of origin central Central National Herbarium Certified Seed CGMS challenges Chamaephyte characteristics characteristics of archaea characteristics of protein Characteristics of Psilophyta Charecteristics Charles Bessey Charles Darwin chart Chasmogamy chaulmoogra cheese chemical Chemically defined medium chemicals chernobyl chiasmata chilling treatment Chlamydospores Chlorococcine Chlorococcine line Chlorococcum chlorophyll Chloroplast chloroplast evolution Chocolate agar Chromosomal aberration Chromosomal mutation chromosome chruptochrome Church's hypothesis Chytridiomycetes Chytrids circadian clock circuits circular cisternae Cladia cladosiphonostele cladosporium sphaerospermum Cladoxyales claedosporium sphaerospermum classification classification of archaea Classification of Halophytes Clavicipitales Clay clean energy Cleistogamy Climate Clonal Selection closed ecosystem closed terrarium CMS Co-dominance CO2 CO2 fertilization effect Coca-Cola Cocaine Cocklebur coding in biology coefficient of variation Coenopteridales Cold treatment Coliforms Collagen Collateral bundle Collenchyma Colloids Sol Colon colonization Colony forming unit command line commelinaceae commelinidae Commensalism Commercial cork Complementary cell Complete test Complex media Complex Tissue Compositae Composition Concentric ring Concepts of center of origin of cultivated crops Confirmatory test Conjunctive tissue Cons conservation conservation biodiversity Consumer Consumers Contaminated culture Contemporary Systematics contribution contributors Control measure Control of microorganisms Coral reefs Corals Cork cambium Cork cell Corpse Corpus correlation Cortex Cost Cotton tree cot value Counted bacterial cell covid covid-19 Crataeva nurvala CRISPR Cas-9 Critical length cronquist Crop diseases crop diversity Crop Improvement Method Crop Trust cross-pollination Crossing Over Crust Cryopreservation cryptococcus neoformans Cryptogamia Cryptogams Cryptophycophyta Cryptophyte Cultivated crops Culture culture medium curd curve Curzon Hall CV C value cycle Cyclocytic Cyperaceae Cytogenetics cytokinesis Cytokinesis of meiosis Cytokinin cytology cytoplasmic genetic male sterility cytoplasmic inheritance cytoplasmic male sterility Dandruff Darwin data David Prain Dawkins DDB Death phase deceive Decidous Forest Deciduous Decimal reduction time decision to release Defense system of body Definition of Hybridization Dehydration Demerits Denitrification dependent variable Dermatogen Determination of dry weight Deuteromycetes Development devernalization deviation Devil Ray Devonian period diabetic Diacytic Diagnosis diagram Diakinesis Dichogamy Dichotomous keys Dicliny Dicot Root Dicot Stem dictionary dictyostele Difference Difference between Differential Media Dihybrid and Trihybrid Inheritance Dikarya dilleniidae Diluent Dilution factor Dimethyl Sulfoxide Diplotene Disaccharide Disaccharides Disadvantages Discovery of antibiotics Discovery of ER Discovery of Golgi apparatus Disease Disease and insect test Diseases dissemination distant hybrid distribution DNA DNA damage DNA Double Helix DNA repair mechanism DNA structure Doomsday Dorsiventral Leaf dot drawing Dried dsRNA Duplicate gene Earth Ecology Ecospecies Ecosystem Ecosystem components Ecosystem diversity Ecosystem resources Ecotype Ectophloic Edaphology Effect of pH Effect of temperature electricity electromagnetic wave electron microscopy. electrons electron transport chain Electroporation Eligulopsida elongation Elysia chlorotica email Email writing embolism Embryo culture Embryology Embryo sac like pollen empirical rule Emulsion Endarch Xylem Endodermis Endomycetales Endoplasmic Reticulum Endosperm endosymbiotic theory Energy Energy budget Enriched media entomopathogenic fungi Envelope Environment environmentalist Eosine-Methylene Blue agar Epidermis Epiphyte epistasis epoch Equisetaceae Equisetales Equisetum Ergot ER Structure Erysiphales Essential oil establish Esters Eucarpic euglenoid Euglenophycin euheterosis Eukaryote DNA eukaryotes Eusporangiopsida Eustele evolution evolution of algae Exarch Xylem Exchangeable acidity Excition repair Exo microbiology exon expansion Expeditions Expenses experiment experimental design Experimental embryology experimental variable explant External Secretory Structure Extra-stelar cambium extranuclear genes extranuclear inheritance Extremophile Extremozymes eye eyes F-test F1 region F2 region Facilitation factors Factors influencing ecosystem Factors of pH Factors of Photosynthesis Factors that influence ecosystem Farming Fascicular cambium Father of Indian Botany fats fatty acids faulty mitochondria Fauna February februray Fecal coliform Female gametophyte Fermentation Fertility Fertilization fibrous Fibrous Protein Filicales Five Kingdoms Flagella Flora Flora indica Floral hormone Flora of British India Florigen Floristics Flowers Flow of energy Food chain Food Microbiology Food spoilage Food web Forest Forest ecology Fossil Fossil site Foulden Maar Foundation seed Francis Darwin frequency Fringing reef Frozen Fun Function of ER Function of Golgi body functions Functions of SOM funding Fungal diseases Fungal insecticide fungal tissue Fungi Fungi in food processing Future future directions G1-phase G2-phase gametophyte gamma ray Gardening gaseous exchange Gaspak Jar Geitonogamy Gel gemmae Gene gene bank Gene cloning Gene edit gene expression Gene Gun general concept of soil fertility management General Microbiology Generation time gene regulation genes Genetic engineering Genetic Male Sterility Genetic material Genetic microbiology Genetics Genome Genome of Eukaryotes Genome of prokaryotes Genome of virus Genome size Genomics Genotype and Phenotype Genus & species Geography geological time scale Germination Germination inhibitors Gibberellin Gigantic flower Giosphere Glacial Gland global greening globular glycogen glycolipids glycolysis Glycosidic bond GMS Golgi golgi apparatus Golgi body Grafting Gramineous gram negative Gram positive graph GRE green energy Greenwashing Gregor Johann Mendel Grid Groundnut growth Growth and Development growth pattern Growth rate Grow without soil guard cells Gymnospermae Göttilieb Haberlandt habitat Habitat of fungi Half animal Half plant Halophytes hamamelidae Hans Spemann haploid breeding Haplostele Harmful effects of fungi Harmful effects of Mucorales Haustoria Heartwood Heat Heat budget helical tail Hemicryptophyte Hemoglobin Herbaceous Herbarium Herbarium definition Herbarium sheets Herkogamy Hermaphrodite Fungi heterocyst heterosis Heterostyly Higher Cryptogams Higher Fungi higher plants Higher Studies HIgher sudies Highly perishable Hill Forest hindrance in transportation Histogen Theory histogram Historical background of Genetics History History of biodiversity History of Herbarium History of Hybridization History of terrarium Holocarpic homeostasis Homogamy homologous theory homozygous honeysuckle honey suckle Hook. hope Horizontal Gene Transfer Hormonal theory Hornwort Hornworts Horsetail Hortus benghalensis Host Cell host range. hot issue How to make a herbarium sheet Hugo de vries Human ecology Humus Hura hutchinson Hybridization hybrid vigor Hydathode Hydrangea Hydrolytic Cycle Hydrophyte Hydrophytes Hydrosphere Hyeniales Hygrophytes Hygroscopic Hyphopodium hypothesis ICBN ICN Icones roxburghianum Identification Idiogram ILTS Imbalance Imbibition Immature ecosystem Importance importance of archaea Importance of Deuteromycetes Importance of Herbarium Importance of Psilophyta important Improved variety Incineration Included phloem Incomplete dominance Incubation Incubation time independent variable Indicator organisms Induced mutation induction Inductive cycles Industrial microbiology industry infection Inheritance Inhibition Initial evaluation trial initiation Inoculation Inoculum Inorganic matter insulin Inter-xylary phloem Interactions Intercalary Meristem interphase interpolation theory introduction Introduction to fungi intron Intussusception invasion Ion exchange in soil ionizing Ionizing radiation irradiation breeding Isobailateral Leaf Isoetales Isolation Is the red sea really red IUCN J.D. Hooker Japan Japanise honeysuckle Jarovization Jay Jeffry's theory Jenny June Kakabekia Karyogamy karyokinesis Karyotype Kellogg Keys krebs cycle kurtosis Lab to farmers Lac Lactose lag Lagenidiales lagging Lag phase Lamiaceae lampbrush chromoome Land land plants largest chromosome Lateral Meristem Latex Laticiferous tissue Law of Thermodynamics Layering leading leaf Leaf Gap Leaf Trace Leaf variegation left Lenticel Lepidodendronales Lepidophya Leptomitales Leptosporangiopsida Leptotene Lethal gene life Life cycle of Rhizopus stolonifer Life cycle of Synchytrium endobioticum Light Light Dependent Ligulopsida Liliaceae lilidae liliopsida limitations line Linkage lipids Lithosphere litmus test liverwort Liverworts Log phase Lonicera japonica Loop lop LOR Lower fungi luciferase Luciferin Lycophyta Lycopodiales Lycopodium Lyophilization M-phase M.S. M1 generation M2 geenration M3 generation MacConkey agar Macro-nutrients Macro mutation Madhupur Sal Forest magneliophyta magneliopsida magnoliidae Male gamete Male sterility Malthus Malthus's Law Malvaceae Mangifera indica Mangrove Mangrove Forest Manta Ray map Marattiales marchantiales March coliform Marine Botany marine environment marine source of salt Marker gene Marsiliales Maryland Mammoth massive success Mass Selection Mature ecosystem May mean mean deviation mechanism median Medicinal Plant Megagametogenesis Megasporangium Megasporogenesis Mehra's hypothesis Meiosis Membrane filtration technique Memes Mendel's Experiments and Achievements meningitis Merits Mesophiles Mesophytes Metal spreader metaphase Metaphase 1 Metaphase2 method Method of crop improvement Micro-nutrients microalgae Microbe microbes microbiology microbology Microbs microflora Microgametogenesis Micro mutation microorganism microphylls Micropropagation Microscopic count microsome Microsporangium Microspore tetrad:. Microsporogenesis Middle lamella Minerals miniature garden Minikit trial Minimal media Miocene Misfiring misnomer mitochndrial inheritance mitochondria Mitochondria function Mitochondria structure Mitosis Mixed-Evergreen Forest Mixed culture Mixed protostele Mixed protostele with pith Mixture Types mm mock test mode Model agronomic experiment Mode or respiration Molded bread Monera Monocliny Monocot Root Monocot Stem Monohybrid cross Monosaccharides Morphine Morphology Mortality Moss Mosses Most common air plant in BD motor movement of water in plants MPN Method mRNA msms Mucorales Mulch Muller Multilocation trial multipotent Museum National d’Histoire naturelle mutagen Mutagenesis mutagenic agents mutagens Mutation Mutation breeding Mutualism Mycology Myconanotechnology Mycoplasma myxomycetes naming Naming rules nanotube NASA National trial Natural & Artificial Selection Natural Beauty Natural pH indicator nature (arts or science) Necrohormones Nectary negative negative pressure nemec Nemec phenomenon Neotropical Nestle New strains new variety New world New York Botanical Garden Nicotine Nitrification Nitrogen Cycle nitrogen fixation nomenclature Nomina conservanda Non-articulate latex non-ionizing Non-Mendelian inheritance Non perishable NordGen Norway Notification nuclear Nuclear DNA Nucleic Acid Nucleoid nucleus null hypothesis number Nutrient nutrient medium Nutrients Nutrition Nutrition of fungi objectives Objectives of Hybridization Ocean Odor OH- O Horizon soil oils okazaki old world Onychomycosis Oomycetes Oomycota Oospores open terrarium operator operon Ophiocordyceps Ophioglossales Opium Orchidaceae Ore Organic matter Organic matters Organization and Procedure origin Origin of Pteridophyta Origin of replication origin of siphonostele Osmophore Osmotic adjustment Osmotic potential Osmotic pressure Osmundales outlier over-summering over-wintering Ovule Pachytene Palladium catalyst paracytic Paraffin method parasite Parasitic Bacteria Parasitic Fungi Parasitic Plant Parasitic Virus Parasitism Parenchyma Parent material Partex Parthenogenesis Passive absorption passive immunity past Pasteurization Pathogenicity test Pathology Peat Pedogenesis Pedology penetration Penicillium PepsiCo Peptide Peptide Bond Periblem Pericycle Periderm Periodic culture Periodicity Peronosporales Pertek Petri dish pH Phanerophyte Phasic development theory Phellem Phelloderm Phellogen Phenol Phenology phenomenon Phloem phospholipids Phosphorus Photoblastic seeds Photoperiod Photoperiodic induction Photoperiodism photopsin Photoreactivation photoreceptor Photosynthesis photosynthetic Photosystem phototropism phycology phyllosiphonic siphonostele Physiognom Physiological ecology physiology Physiology & Biochemistry phytochrome Phytogeography Phytohormones Pickled pictogram picture pie Pigment Pioneer Species Pit Pit-pair planktonic plant Plantae Plant anatomy Plantation Plant Biochemistry Plant biotechnology Plant breeding Plant disease Plant disease caused by fungi plant diseases Plant Diversity Plant family Plant Identification Plant Introduction Plant Introduction and Acclimatization plant naming Plant Pathology Plants plants' eyes plants can see plants can see us plants can see you Plant Systemcatics plant vision plasmid plasmid vector Plasmogamy Plasmolysis plastic Plate technique Plectostele Pleurome Pleuromeales pluripotent Pneumatophores Poaceae Point Method Point mutation Pollen tube discovey Pollination Pollution polyadenylation Poly clave keys polycyclic stele Polyembryony polygon Polymers polyploid polyploidy polyribosome Polysaccharide Polysaccharides polysome Polystele Pomato Pongamia pinnata Pools population Porous positive positive phototropism post-transcriptional modification Post replication recombinant repair Pour plate technique Power's hypothesis power plant Pran-RFL precaution precipitation Presumptive test Primary Primary production Primary Stem Primary wall Primofilicopsida principal Principle of Segregation Principles Principles of food preservation Principles of Priority Procambium Procedures process of establishment Prodigality of Population Producer Productivity Professors prokaryitic prokaryotes Prokaseur's hypothesis pro metaphase Proneristem propagation prophase Prophase 1 Prophase 2 Pros Protein proteins Protista Protoderm Protoleptosporangiopsida proton Protonema proton gradient proton movement proton movement mechanism protophase Protostele protozoa Pseudofungi Psilophyta Psilophytales Psilopsida Psilotales Psilotopsida Psilotum Psychrophiles Pteridophyta Pteridophytes Pterophyta Pure-line Selection Pure culture Putrefaction Pyrrhophyta python programming Quadrat qualitative Quality test Quant quantitative QUARTZ Quaternary Quinine Radial Bundle Radiation Radiation flux rainforest Rancidity random randomization range Raphanobrassica Ratargul Ratargul Swamp Forest Ray Ray initial Reality Reassociation Reassociation kinetics Recombinant DNA technology Red algae redioactive Red list catergories Red mangrove Red rot red sea Refrigeration Registered seed regression Regulation Relative humidity Release replication repression Reproduction reproduction of aspergillus Requirements for Biosphere RER Research Reseviors Residual acidity respiration restorer gene Restriction Enzymes Restriction Sites Rf Rhipidiales Rhizomorphs Rhizophora Rhizoplane Rhizopus sexualis Rhizopus stolonifer Rhizosphere Rhodophycophyta ribosome riccia rickettsia rickettsial diseases rickettsiosis right Ring Bark Ringworm Ri plasmid RNA RNA synthesis Robert Koch Rocks rolling mechanism Rosa involucrata rosidae rotor rough endoplasmic reticulum Roxb. Roxburgh Royal Botanic Gardens RQ RS ratio Rubber RUBIsCO S-phase Saccharomycetaceae Sac Fungi Sal Forest salient features saline saline sources salt cycles Salt marshes salt sources Salvineales sample sampling Sand sap Saprolagniales Saprolegnia Sapwood Scale Bark scale leaves Scarification scatter Scholarships scientific name scientific processing scion Sclerenchyma Sclerotium scope Scouring rushes screening Scrophulariaceae Sea Searching Professors Sea slug Seasonal Forest Secondary Secondary Growth Secondary wall Secretory tissue Sedimentary Cycle seed seed bank Seed Dormancy seeds seed vault Segoon selaginella Selaginellales Selection Selection Methods Selective media Self-Incompatibility self-pollination Selfish Gene Semi perishable Sequence complexity SER Serial dilution Serology Sex linkage Sexual reproduction Shape Sheet preparation sight significance silent revolution Silt Silurian period Similarities between bryophytes and pteridophytes Simple pit Simple Tissue Single dominant epistasis siphonostele size size of bacteria skewed skewness smooth endoplasmic reticulum Snowball Social Darwinism Soil Soil acidity Soil chemistry soil environment Soil formation Soil forming process Soil Horizons Soil of Bangladesh Soil pH Soil plaque technique Soil Profile Soil solid soil solution soil water Solar-power solenostele Solution Solution Types Somatic cell Somatogamy SOP Sos repair space Space Farming spaceX Species concept Species diversity sphaerocarpales Sphagnum Sphenophyllales Sphenophyllopsida Sphenophyta spike moss Spiks splicing Spontaneous mutation spores Sporogonium Sporophyte spot Spread plate technique Springinization SS agar ssRNA stability Stable food Stadler standard standard deviation standard error Starch Stationary phase Station trial statistic Statistical hypothesis stator Status definition Stebbins Stele Stellar region steps sterile sterile gene Sterilization Stock culture Stoma stomata Stomatal transpiration strain Strasburger Stratification strawberries strawberry Streak plate method Streptococcus stress stroma structural gene Structure structure and composition Sub-arctic Sub-tropical forest Subculture Subsidence subsidiary cells Succession Sucrose Sugarcane disease Sulfur Cycle sundarbans Sundarbans Mangrove forest Sunflower Suspension Sustainable Farming Svalbard Svedberg unit Swamp Forest Swedish Museum of Natural History symmetrical Symplastic pathway symptoms synangia Synchytrium Synchytrium andobioticum Synecology Syngamy synthesis Synthetic discipline Synthetic theory systematics T.H morgan tabulation Taiga takhtajan Tapetum Taxonomy TCA cycle T dna techniques Tectona grandis Telome theory telophase Telophase 1 Telophase 2 TEM Temperate Forest Temperature termination terms Terpenes Terpenoids Tertiary test test of significance Tetrasporine Thai guava Thalloid The Chi-Square Test The disease cycle The disease triangle Theory Thermal death point Thermal death time Thermodynamics thermophase Thermophiles thermotoletent Thermus aquaticus Therophyte theta Threats to ecosystem Thylakoid Tikka disease Tillandsia time taken Ti plasmid Tips tissue Tissue culture Titan arum Tmesipteris Tobacco Mosaic Virus TOEFL Toffel Topography Total cell count totipotency totipotent Toxic algae Toxic substances Toxins Tracheid Traffic police transcription Transect transformation theory translation Transpiration Transposable element Transposon Tree trend trends Trials and tests Trichome Triglycerides Triticale Tropical Forest Troposphere t test Tunica type 1 and 2 errors type 1 errors type 2 errors Type II types Types & Purposes Types of Hybridization Types of stele Typification ultra Ultra-structure ultra violet Uniform regional trial Unilever Unisexual flower Unity & diversity Universities Urban Farming Urban Gardening Urban Life USA USEPA Uses uv ray value vapour variables variance Varuna Vascular Bundle Vascular cambium Vascular Transition Vaucheria chlorotica Vavilov Vavilovian Centers Vector Vegetation Vegetative reproduction Vegetative Structure Verbal Verbanaceae vernalin Vernalization vesicle vessel vigour Vir genes Virulence gene virus vision Vitality Vitamins and minerals Viviparous germination Vivipary Volatile oil volvocine Wall. Walther Hesse wangiella dermatitidis wardian case Wasterveld Water Water absorption Water bloom water contamination Water molds Water potential water properties Water purification water transportation Watson & Crick waxes web-based what is aspergillus What is deuteromycetes What is Herbarium Wheat diseases where can we find the formation of coral reefs Whisk fern white dots Whittaker William Hooker Winogradsky column Wisk ferns wobble Wood Work X-linked gene x-ray Xerophyte Xerophytes Xylem Yeast Yield trials zingiberidae ZMapp zombie ant zone of acceptance zone of rejection Zoospores of Fungi Zygomycetes Zygotene অদ্বিতীয়া আধুনিকতার দান আলোকতরঙ্গ উদ্ভিদ এবোলা ভাইরাস কবিতা কারখানা কার্বন-ডাই-অক্সাইড ফার্টিলাইজেশন প্রভাব কালো ছত্রাক কোভিড-১৯ ক্রিপ্টোক্রোম গাছ গাছ যা দেখে গাছের দৃষ্টি চেরনোবিল ছত্রাক জর্জ লমনোসফ জিন ডুনেডিন তেজস্ক্রিয় দৃশ্যমান দৃষ্টি দেহঘড়ি নাসা নিউজিল্যান্ড পশ্চিম আফ্রিকা পাতা প্রতিষেধক প্লাজমিড ফটোট্রপিজম ফটোপসিন ফটোরিসেপ্টর ফসিল ফসিলীকৃত পাতা ফাংগাস ফাইটোক্রোম ফোল্ডেন মার বিকিরণ বৈশ্বিক সবুজায়ন ব্যাকটেরিয়া ব্ল্যাক ফাংগাস ভাইরাস মধু লনিসেরা মায়োসিন মেলানিন রেডিওট্রফিক ফাংগাস রেপ্লিকেশন লনিসেরা সার্কেডিয়ান ক্লক স্পেসএক্স