Group 3


Environmental Microbiology


Microbiology of Soil Soil microbiology Shefa Ahsan
Microbiology of Water Coliform bacteria Shefa Ahsan
Water microbiology Mim Binta Islam
Microbiology of Air Air microbiology: Introduction Abulais Shomrat
Distribution and Source Abulais Shomrat
Microbiology of Extreme Environment Extreme habitat microbiology Robin Khan
Interactions among microbial populations Interactions among microbes Abulais Shomrat
Interactions between microorganisms and plants Rhizosphere and its effects Abulais Shomrat
Nitrogen Fixation & Nodule formation Abulais Shomrat
Microorganisms and biogeochemical cycle Nitrogen Cycle Abulais Shomrat
Sulfur Cycle Abulais Shomrat
Winogradsky Column Abulais Shomrat
Difference between Environmental Microbiology Abulais Shomrat

Plant Pathology

Plant diseases Concepts: Intro, Triangle & Cycle Tithi Chowdhury
Causes of diseases Tithi Chowdhury
Classification of plant diseases  Abulais Shomrat
Importance of plant diseases in Agriculture Abulais Shomrat
Role of fungi in disease development
Parasitism and pathogenicity Pathogenicity test: Diagnosis of an unknown fungal pathogen Abulais Shomrat
Stages in the development of plant diseases 1. The Disease Cycle: Introduction
2. Inoculation and penetration
3. Infection and dissemination
4. Over-seasoning
Abulais Shomrat
Plant disease control Kinds of losses by plant diseases
World crop production as affected by plant diseases
Disease control Robin Khan
Crop diseases Rice diseases Abulais Shomrat
Wheat diseases Abulais Shomrat
Pulse and bean diseases
Jute diseases Farzana Rayhan
Sugarcane diseases  Abulais Shomrat
Groundnut diseases Tahmina Mojumder Nisa
Difference Between Plant Pathology Abulais Shomrat

Advanced Phycology

Introduction to Algae Introduction Abulais Shomrat
Green algae to higher plants Abulais Shomrat
Comparative study of classification Algal classifications Abulais Shomrat
Characterize the classes mentioned by Bold and
Wynne (1985)
Cyano-, Prochloro-, Chloro-, Charo- (D) Somudro Mahbub Nasir
Eugleno-, Phaeo-, Chryso- Shefa Ahsan
Pyrrho-, Crypto-, Rhodo- Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Growth pattern and evolutionary trends in algae Growth pattern in algae Abulais Shomrat
Volvocine trend Abulais Shomrat
Tetrasporine trend Abulais Shomrat
Chlorococcine trend Abulais Shomrat
Ultra structure of chloroplasts in algae Endosymbiotic theory: Chloroplast Abulais Shomrat
Ultra structure of chloroplasts Liza Kamal
Extracellular metabolites in algae
Algal culture Scope, culture types & media Abulais Shomrat
Batch culture Abulais Shomrat
Morphogenesis in blue
green algae
Brief introduction to BGA Abulais Shomrat
Brief introduction to BGA Abulais Shomrat
Nitrogen fixation by heterocysts
Formation of heterocyst
Formation of Akinete
Morphogenesis of Blue Green Algae
Applications of algae Industrial application Abulais Shomrat
Microalgae & Bio-fuel Robin Khan
Phycological researches Algal research in Bangladesh Abulais Shomrat

Physiological Ecology

The Physical World Earth and Ecosystem Abulais Shomrat
The Ecosystem Interplay of biological and environmental factors.
Classification of saline habitats
Green house effects
Methods of measurement of primary production
Pesticides and Related compounds effects
World forests
Total territory of forest land
Species Diversity

Contemporary Systematics

Nomenclature & ICN rules Introduction and the preamble of Melourne & Shenzen Code  Abulais Shomrat
Division I: Principles of ICN  Abulais Shomrat
Division II containing:
Status definition
Principles of Priority
Nomina conservanda
Author’s citation Plantlet
Binomial nomenclature
Valid publication
Not validly published
Rejection of a name
IUCN Red list categories Abulais Shomrat
Species concept Species concept Abulais Shomrat
Ecotype & categories Biosystematics: Steps & Categories  Abulais Shomrat
Systems of Classification John Hutchinson
Arthur Cronquist
Armen Takhtajan
Abulais Shomrat
Cytotaxonomy Chromosome number Abulais Shomrat
Chromosome structure Robin Khan
Chromosome behavior Robin Khan
Chemotaxonomy Introduction & primary metabolite Abulais Shomrat
Secondary metabolites  Abulais Shomrat
Semantides Abulais Shomrat
Biodiversity and Conservation National parks and protected areas of Bangladesh Plantlet
Endangered and threatened plants of Bangladesh
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)
Mega Diversity Countries
Aquatic angiosperms Aquatic angiosperms Hasibur Rahman
Plant families Euphorbiaceae Plantlet


Sugar and their derivatives Introduction to carbohydrates Fahima Binte Rahim
Monosaccharide (Coming soon) Fahima Binte Rahim
Disaccharide  Abulais Shomrat
Polysaccharide (Coming soon) Fahima Binte Rahim
Amino acids and proteins
Characteristics & Structures of protein Abulais Shomrat
Classification of protein Sufia Akter
Fatty acids and lipids
  1. Fatty acid
  2. The lipid
1. Abulais Shomrat
2. Razwana Shorna
Terpenoids Terpenoids: Types & Synthesis Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Terpenoids: Distribution & Role
Essential oil Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Alkaloids Alkaloids Abulais Shomrat
Common alkaloids
Phenolic compounds Phenol Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Difference between

Molecular Genetics

DNA Discovery of DNA Tithi Chowdhury
DNA proof to be a genetic material Romjanul Islam
Replication of DNA Rolling circle model Tithi Chowdhury
Theta model Abulais Shomrat
Replication in eukaryotes Abulais Shomrat
DNA repair mechanism DNA repair mechanism Tahmina Mojumder Nisa
Transposable genetic elements Transposons or, Jumping genes Farzana Rayhan Runa
Fine structure of genes
Recombination in Bacteria
Gene expression Transcription: DNA to pre-mRNA Abulais Shomrat
Post-transcriptional modification Abulais Shomrat
Genetic code Abulais Shomrat
Translation Abulais Shomrat
Regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes Features and Significance Tubaia Zannat Juthi
The Operon Model Nandiny Ghosh
Gene cloning Gene cloning Tahmina Mojumder
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology

Principles of Crop Improvement

Incompatibility 1. Self incompatibility
2. Cross incompatibility
3. Model plant: Arabidopsis
1. Lipa Mondal
2. Jibon Hridoy
3. Israt Shupon
Male sterility breeding 1. Male sterility: Introduction
2. Genetic male sterility
3. Cytoplasmic male sterility
4. Cytoplasmic genetic male sterility
1. Toioba Akter
2. Abulais Shomrat
3. Shefa Ahsan
4. Shefa Ahsan
Heterosis breeding Heterosis breeding Lipa Mondal
Polyploidy 1. Polyploidy: Introduction
2. Euploidy: Autopolyploidy
3. Euploidy: Allopolyploidy
1. Toioba Akter
2. Abulais Shomrat
3. Abulais Shomrat
Haploid breeding Haploid breeding Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Development of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant variety
Embryo culture technique Embryo culture Mim Binte Islam
Germplasm conservation and cryo-preservation
Difference Between Part one Abulais Shomrat


Introduction and importance Introduction to Pteridophyta Abulais Shomrat
Classification Classification of Pteridophytes Abulais Shomrat
Psilophyta Tarannum Ahsan
Origin and evolution Origin of Pteridophytes Abulais Shomrat
Telome threory Abulais Shomrat
Types of stele and their evolution Stelar types with evolution Abulais Shomrat
Detailed study of important genera Psilotum Abulais Shomrat
Lycopodium Abulais Shomrat
Selaginella Israt Shupon
Equisetum  Plantlet
Heterospory and seed habit Heterospory & seed habit Fahima Binte Rahim

Introductory Limnology

Demorphic growth principle Energy slave Abulais Shomrat
Water Biodiversity in water
Water cycle and water resource
Fundamental characteristics of water
Light Coming soon Tahmina Mojumder Nisa
Material budget of natural waters
Biomass destruction and energy flux Biomass destruction
Material transport & Energy flux
Abulais Shomrat
Abulais Shomrat

Structural Cytogenetics

Euchromosome 1. Nucleosome model
2. Solenoid model
1. Abulais Shomrat
2. Abulais Shomrat
Karyotype and Idiogram Karyotype and idiogram Tubaia Zannat Juthi
Genome analysis
Abnormalities in cell division
Chromosomal aberration Structural and Numerical Abulais Shomrat
Structural aberrations


Historical background Discovery of pollen tube Abulais Shomrat
Discovery on nature of both gametophytes & Syngamy Abulais Shomrat
Male organ Microsporangium and microgamete Liza Kamal
Nemec phenomenon Abulais Shomrat
Female organ Megasporangium Razwana Shorna
Female gametophyte Abulais Shomrat
Fertilization Steps of fertilization Abulais Shomrat
Endosperm Endosperm & Its Types Abulais Shomrat
Apomixis Apomixis Abulais Shomrat
Polyembryony Polyembryony with importance Abulais Shomrat
Experimental embryology Experimental embryology Abulais Shomrat