Group 2


Higher Fungi

Author, or Compiler
Introduction An Introduction to Fungi  Ahmed Saad
Lower Fungi & Higher Fungi Abulais Shomrat
Vegetative structures Abulais Shomrat
Asexual Reproduction & Reproductive Structures Abulais Shomrat
Sexual Reproduction Abulais Shomrat
Ascomycetes Identification Tarek Siddiki Taki
Introduction to Sac Fungi Abulais Shomrat
Asexual & Sexual fruit bodies
Reproduction (D)
Endomycetales & Saccharomycetaceae Abulais Shomrat
Eurotiales: Aspergilli & Penicilli Abulais Shomrat
Erysiphales Abulais Shomrat
Clavicipitales & Claviceps purpurea Abulais Shomrat
Basidiomycetes Characteristics & Classification Abulais Shomrat
Agaricales Abulais Shomrat
Deuteromycetes Introduction & classification   Monirul Islam
Reproduction (Coming soon) Monirul Islam


Gymnosperms Introduction with classification & characteristics Abulais Shomrat
Order of Cycadopsida Plantlet
Orders of Coniferopsida Plantlet
Orders of Gnetopsida Plantlet
Gymnosperm of Bangladesh Gymnosperms in Bangladesh Plantlet
Primitive Cycas and Advanced Gnetum Plantlet


Paleobotany Introduction to paleobotany & fossil Abulais Shomrat
Processing & Analysis of Fossil Fossilization process & its analysis Abulais Shomrat

Economic Botany

Economic botany Economic Botany: Plants as Sources of Economic Products Shraboni Mostofa
Classification of Medicinal Plants Plantlet
Spices, Oil & Pulse  Spice and condiments Asfi Raian Ome
Oil with classification Tarek Siddiki Taki
Pulses Asfi Raian Ome
Fiber & Timber Fiber yielding plants Plantlet
 Timber yielding plants Asfi Raian Ome
Tea, Rubber & Sugar Tea
Rubber: Cultivation & Processing Abulais Shomrat

Plant Anatomy

Introduction Simple tissue  Abulais Shomrat
Complex tissue  Abulais Shomrat
Stomata: Structure, Types and Functions Shraboni Mostofa
Cell wall Coming soon Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Meristem Meristematic Classification & Theory Saifun Nahar Smriti
Vascular tissue
Primary structure Primary Structure of Stem Saifun Nahar Smriti
Primary Structure of Root and Leaf Saifun Nahar Smriti
Secondary structure Secondary Growth of Dicot Stem and Root Saifun Nahar Smriti
Anomalous Secondary Growth Saifun Nahar Smriti
Root, stem transition Root-Stem Transition Saifun Nahar Smriti
Secretory tissue Secretory Tissue: A Laticiferous Discussion   Saifun Nahar Smriti
External Secretory Structures  Saifun Nahar Smriti
Protective tissue Periderm: Structure and Development Saifun Nahar Smriti
Mechanical tissue
Wood anatomy Wood Anatomy (D) Shraboni Mostofa
Bark and Lenticel: A Brief Discussion  Saifun Nahar Smriti
Internal structures of wood Internal Structure of Wood Saifun Nahar Smriti


Introduction Definition, Subdivision And Scope Saifun Nahar Smriti
Adaptation Adaptation Of Plants Tarek Siddiki Taki
Adaptation Of Hydrophytes & Xerophytes Tarek Siddiki Taki
Adaptation Of Halophytes Tarek Siddiki Taki
Plant succession Ecological Succession Saifun Nahar Smriti
Methods of studying vegetation Qualitative Method Saifun Nahar Smriti
Quantitative Method Saifun Nahar Smriti
Ecosystem Ecosystem Tarek Siddiki Taki
Forest ecology Forest Ecology and Classification Saifun Nahar Smriti
Forests of Bangladesh Saifun Nahar Smriti
Biogeochemical cycle Part One Tarek Siddiki Taki
Part Two Tarek Siddiki Taki
Phytogeography Causes And Regions Tarek Siddiki Taki
Random sampling Random Sampling Tarek Siddiki Taki
Land classification Classification Of Land Tarek Siddiki Taki


Introduction Introduction  Khaleda Akter Shompa
History A Brief History of Cytology
Prokaryotic cell Mycoplasma, the simplest prokaryotic cell Abulais Shomrat
Eukaryotic cell Coming soon Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Cell wall Structure & composition Amzed Tabassum
Origin & Growth Amzed Tabassum
Cell membrane Coming soon
Sumaiya Khanam Mouree
Mitochondria Mitochondria: The Powerplant for an Eukaryotic Cell Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Chloroplast Coming soon Khaleda Akter Shompa
Ribosome Ribosome: The Protein Factory of Cell Khaleda Akter Shompa
ER Endoplasmic Reticulum Shajneen Shoily
Golgi complex Coming soon Shajneen Shoily
Lysosome Coming soon
Sumaiya Khanam Mouree
Cytotubules Cytotubules: The Skeleton of Cell (D) Khaleda Akter Shompa
Cell division Cell Cycle Khaleda Akter Shompa
Amitosis: Direct and Simplest Cell Division Ever Noushin Sharmili Suzana
Mitosis Fariha Tandra
Meiosis or reductional division  Fariha Tandra
Special type of chromosomes Polytene chromosome (Coming soon) Khaleda Akter Shompa
Lamp brush chromosome Khaleda Akter Shompa
B-chromosomes (Coming soon) Shraboni Mostofa

Fundamental Plant Physiology

Water relations in plants Mixture types: Solution, Suspension etc.  Abulais Shomrat
Solution Types, plasmolysis & imbibition  Abulais Shomrat
Concept of water potential  Abulais Shomrat
Properties of water & its movements in plants  Abulais Shomrat
Absorption & translocation of water Water absorption by plants  Abulais Shomrat
Ascent of sap  Abulais Shomrat
Transpiration Transpiration mechanism  Abulais Shomrat
Photosynthesis Introduction & Requirements Shariar Khan Foysal
Mechanism: Light Dependent Phase Shariar Khan Foysal
Mechanism: Light Independent Phase Shariar Khan Foysal
Factors of Photosynthesis Shariar Khan Foysal
Respiration Respiration: Part one  Shompa & Shomrat
Respiration: Part two  Shompa & Shomrat
Photoperiodism Photoperiodism: Flowering in Plants (Part I) Shraboni Mostofa
Vernalization Vernalization: Cold treatment in plants Shraboni Mostofa
Physiology of seed Physiology of Seed Germination Shraboni Mostofa
Dormancy of seed Seed Dormancy: Reasons, Breaking Methods and Advantages Shraboni Mostofa

Fundamental Genetics

Mendelian inheritance Part One  Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Part Two  Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Part Three  Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Exception of Mendelism Exceptions to first law Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Exceptions to second law Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Multiple allele & Pseudoallele Coming Soon Shraboni Mostofa
Linkage & Recombination Chromosomal Theory, Linkage & Recombination Shakila Mahbuba Chowa
Sex Linkage, Linked & Synthetic Gene, Linkage Map Shakila Mahbuba Chowa
Gene & Environment Coming soon Shakila Mahbuba Chowa
Sex determination Coming soon Ahmmod Awal Dipon
Quantitative inheritance
Cytoplasmic inheritance Cytoplasmic inheritance Abida Latif Tamanna
Genetic constitution of a population

Elementary Plant Breeding

Introduction Introduction & Basic Concepts Ommey Hany
Reproductive biology Reproductive Biology in Crop Plants: Part One Shraboni Mostofa
Reproductive Biology in Crop Plants: Part Two Shraboni Mostofa
Pollination: Introduction, Types and Conditions Shraboni Mostofa
Selection Types & Procedure: Part 1 Ommey Hany
Types & Procedure: Part 2  Ommey Hany
Hybridization Basic Ideas of Somatic Hybridization Tarek Siddiki Taki
Hybridization: Part 1 Fariha Tandra
Introduction & Acclimatization History, Organization & Procedrue Tasfia Tabassum
Definition, Acclimatization & Purposes Tasfia Tabassum
Advantages & Disadvantages Tasfia Tabassum

Mutation Breeding: Definition, History & Types

Tarannum Ahsan

Mutagenic Agents: Types, Mechanism & Irradiation Breeding

Tarannum Ahsan

Mutation Breeding: Material Selection, Dosage, Procedure & Precaution

Tarannum Ahsan

Mutation Breeding: Pros, Cons and Achievements of Bangladesh

Tarannum Ahsan
Release of an improved variety Part One Tarannum Ahsan
Part Two  Tarannum Ahsan
Centre of origin Part One Asfi Raian Ome
Part Two Asfi Raian Ome
Part Three Asfi Raian Ome


Introduction Scope, variable & data Tarannum Ahsan
Population, sample, statistic & parameter Tarannum Ahsan
Data presentation Organisation And Presentation Tarannum Ahsan
Data distribution & central value Central Value, Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Distributions Tarannum Ahsan
Measures of dispersion Measures of Dispersion Tarannum Ahsan
Probability Coming soon Shraboni Mostofa
Test of significance Test of Significance Tarannum Ahsan
T test Student’s t-test Shakila Mahbuba Chowa
Chi-square test
Correlation and Regression Correlation & Regression Amzed Tabassum
Analysis of variance ANOVA & F test Amzed Tabassum
Design Experimental Design (Part-1) Amzed Tabassum
Multiple comparisons

Soil Chemistry & Soil Fertility

Basic Ideas Soil Forming Factors Tarek Siddiki Taki
Soil Forming Processes Tarek Siddiki Taki
Soils of Bangladesh Tarek Siddiki Taki
Chemical composition Soil organic matters Tarek Siddiki Taki
Soil Horizons Tarek Siddiki Taki
Composition of soil Tarek Siddiki Taki
Soil solution Soil Solid & Solution Tarek Siddiki Taki
Importance of soil solution Tarek Siddiki Taki
Soil reaction Soil pH, Source of H+ & OH- Ions Shajneen Shoily
Importance & Factors Affecting Soil pH  Shajneen Shoily
Pools of Soil Acidity Shajneen Shoily
Buffering Mechanism of Buffering Action with Importance Shajneen Shoily
Soil fertility Concept of Soil Fertility Shraboni Mostofa
Soil as a Medium for Plant Growth Shraboni Mostofa
Productivity Fertilizers (Coming Soon) Shraboni Mostofa